Why You Need A Virtual Assistant Company

Virtual Beez, is a Virtual Assistant Company. We’ve been in the business since 2015 and we have long-term clients that can attest to our quality service. Our team of virtual assistants consists of my friends and family that we can trust with sensitive client information and have not failed us since day one with their reliability and loyalty.

Our virtual assistant company is built to help small business owners have more time in their hands, so they can focus on other things that matter more such as growing their business, spending more time with family and, most importantly, to prevent being burnt out. We believe that to be successful, you need a team to help you with your journey- because no-one can do it all. We knew this when we started this business so we hired the best people we know to help us, help other small business owners. We are here to help.

Tell us, what do you think is the aspect of your business that you struggle most? Is it social media marketing, pay-per-click campaigns management, SEO, files organization, data research, customer service support, inventory management, sales reporting, lead generation, PowerPoint presentations, etc. – whatever it is, for as long as it can be done online, we can do it is what we always say.

Our goal is to show you that you can delegate tasks to a team of virtual assistants and not have to worry about your overwhelming to-do list on a daily basis. Do more! Sign up for our service. There’s nothing to lose when you invest in hiring help, in fact, it opens up a world of possibilities for your business. With this kind of service, you don’t need to pay for other office expenses but for only the hours we work.

A good example is our client Casey who owns a party rental company in San Diego, California USA called Rock Rental. He loves traveling so much and goes to Mexico anytime he wants without thinking if he’s missing any phone call or email. We process all of his orders and he just checks his calendar for upcoming jobs.

Browse our services and plans here: http://virtualbeez.com/#pricing. We’ve made it very affordable for you.