Frequently Asked Questions

A. It is super safe. We provide our customers a confidentiality agreement upon signing up. There is nothing we would do to ruin our reputation.

A. Definitely. There is nothing more we would love than to grow our business globally.

A. Yes, for as long as it's within our business hours which is 9am - 6pm PST.

A. None. The plan includes everything. No additional fees at all.

A. We respond to email messages in a matter of just seconds given that the email is sent within the business hours which is 9am - 6pm PST. If the email is sent outside business hours, we will respond within the first hour of the next shift.

A. We do not offer refunds. Customer needs to consume the hours they paid for.

A. No. We do not require our customers to sign a contract. Customers may cancel anytime.

A. We start doing the task as soon as it's given to us. We normally provide a time frame of how long a task will be accomplished.

A. No. That is why we highly recommend that you choose the plan that perfectly fits your business needs.

A. No. We normally assign up to 3 Virtual Assistants per customer.

A. We are not able to contact a number outside the US at the moment. However, if a customer wish to have us dial a number outside the US, the customer should provide a phone service for us to use.

A. At least week before the customer's subscription expires.

A. No, we do not allow sharing of membership.

A. You can contact us through email, text, chat or, phone call.

A. Customers do not need to track the hours. Even if they do not use the total number of hours they're subscribed to, we are available to attend to them 8 hrs a day. It is up to them to maximize the hours in their plan.

A. Through Xoom or Paypal.

Virtual Beez does not require a contract from our customers. Our Virtual Assistant Services can be cancelled anytime. We simply rely on our capability to keep our customers happy by providing customer satisfaction. The customer may unsubscribe to our Virtual Assistant Services should they wish not to continue doing business with us.